S-32 Liquid Spot and Stain Remover - Multipurpose Cleaner for Laundry, Carpet, Upholstery, and More - Professional Strength Stain Remover - 15 Fl Oz Bottle 12 Pack with Worldwide Nutrition Multi Purpose Key Chain

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Say goodbye to stains! Our S 32 Spot Remover (15 oz) gets a whole lot of stains out of a whole lot of surfaces! Why buy a bunch of different cleaning supplies when you can have one all purpose cleaner? Save the money and use our 15 ounce stain be gone as a carpet cleaner solution, upholstery cleaner, pet stain remover, stain remover for clothes, blood stain remover, furniture stain remover, and so much more! Apply this heavy duty stain remover to a multitude of surfaces, such as garments*, upholstery, draperies, carpets, and vinyl materials. Clean blood, wine, crayon, grease, mildew, oil, cigarette, shoe polish, baby formula, cosmetic, and other nasty stains with our stain cleaner! Our stain remover can handle tough stains like wine stain, tobacco stain, ink stain, or grease stain, and our stubborn stain remover also gets rid of the sticky stuff too-- say goodbye to glue, gum, and any other adhesive that might ruin your clothing or furniture! Sofa and mattress stain removal has never been so easy! And of course, our safe stain remover can also be used as a pet stain remover-- goodbye pet stains! Don't let an embarrassing period stain, smeared lipstick stain, or greasy oil stain ruin your favorite clothes! Use our cleaning product by dripping the stain eliminator onto the soiled area and rubbing it in thoroughly. To use it as a pre wash laundry stain remover, apply spot remover to the garment (*do not apply to suede or silk), rub it into the fabric, and put it in a normal laundry load. This is a 12 pack. Each full bottle contains 15 Fl Oz of liquid stain remover, plenty for stains big and small! Why spend more money on multiple cleaning products? The best solution for stain removal is getting it all in one, and S32 Spot Remover is more than just a spot cleaner for clothes, sofa stain remover, or a carpet spot cleaner -- It's a multipurpose spot eliminator. Get rid of stains for good! Talk about an awesome cleaner!

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