10 Panel Screening Cup -Instant Multi Panel Screening Cups, 4oz Plastic Containers with Lids 25 Pack with Bonus worldwidenutrition Multi-Purpose Key Chain

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10 Panel Test Kits Durable 4oz mini cups with lids construction The 10 Panel test kit comes with a no-drip screw cup lid. It is leak-proof, which makes it hygienic. These plastic bottles with lids come with an easy-to-read label and are convenient to use, and are easy at home test. This test kit has a temperature strip installed. Great for Screening However, with a lower predetermined cutoff level, you can achieve an ideal screening for convenient use. Easy of use, accuracy, and fast results! Used by offices, workplaces, educational institutions, family practice, at-home, and staffing agencies. Test kit bottles for men and women. Leak-Resistant No-Drip Twist Top Lid Our 10-panel cups for testing has a rounded design, a no-drip twist top lid, and a peel-and-read tag. It is also leak-resistant, making the testing process safe and hygienic. Temperature Validation & Accuracy Each test cup also includes a built-in temperature strip, this helps determine whether the sample falls within the right body temperature range. Results can be viewed within five minutes or less. However, for best results, we advise evaluating them five minutes after the test has been initiated. Do not assess after 10 minutes.
  • Accurate Results - These small cups with lids are sample cups used in detecting the following according to the listed cut-off levels.
  • Standard - Our 10-Panel Cup is Standard.
  • Built-In Temperature Strip - Each 10 Panel cup also contains a built-in temperature strip.
  • Leak-Resistant Cup Design - Our plastic bottles are designed to be cost-efficient and reliable. The Cup contains a peel-and-read label and is leak-resistant, which makes it hygienic.
  • Fast Results and Easy to Read - Results show within 5 minutes. Some T-lines may appear instantly and some may take up to 5 minutes to react fully with the sample specimen, time will be only a few minutes before displaying results!

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