Allera Health Immune Extra 3 - 60ct

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ImmunExtra is an all-natural daily supplement that optimizes immune cell activity. A healthy immune system is the body's first defense against the effects of bacteria and viruses. ImmunExtra is the only supplement based on ProLigna, a patented botanical compound developed from pine cones, a natural remedy used in Japan for centuries.

More than 15 years of research and testing Laboratory research shows that the active ingredient in ImmunExtra appears to enhance immune performance by optimizing the function of immune cells. A consistent level of immune cell activity helps the immune system stay alert and ready to defend the body. It optimizes cell defenses to help people stay healthier.

ImmunExtra complements other preventative measures such as eating right, getting proper rest, washing your hands and avoiding contact with individuals suffering from colds or influenza. Research has shown that a healthy immune system can minimize the risk, and lessen the symptoms if you do become ill.

ImmunExtra is the only immune product containing patented Proligna, a natural water extract of pinecones that have been shown to enhance the production of human dendritic cells 9 fold in 9 days.
  • TRIPLE THE STRENGTH - Contains 3 times the Scotch Pine Cone Extract per capsule (48 mg) as in Immune Extra (18 mg)
  • PROLIGNA - ImmuneExtra patented Proligna, a natural botanical extract derived from scotch pine cones that optimizes your immune system. Our patented pine cone extract is exactly what your body needs for once-a-day ultimate immune support.
  • IMMUNE SUPPORT - ImmuneExtra 3 helps optimize immune system activity with triple the strength in each capsule. A consistent level of immune cell activity helps the immune system stay alert and ready to defend the body. We make it easy for you by just taking one capsule a day or as needed!
  • IMMUNEXTRA - Allera Immune Extra3 Triple Strength contains no sugar, dairy, nuts, wheat, soy, yeast, animal products, artificial colors or flavors.
  • QUALITY ENSURED - Your body has the natural ability to protect and heal itself; it happens through your immune system. However, stress, poor diet, lack of sleep and even medications may reduce your immune system from working at its top performance. ImmunExtra is an all-natural, vegetarian, clinically-tested supplement that helps optimize your immune system into maximum performance.

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