Black Magic Supply Skull Dust Keto Collagen Coffee Creamer - 20 Servings - Vanilla Mocha - 440g

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Black Magic Supply brings you our latest release Skull Dust to bring you with the first ever handcrafted Keto Collagen Creamer. Unseal your bag containing a brand new coffee creamer formulation providing the highest quality anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids, grass fed collagen, and high octane ketones to provide you with supernatural brain power throughout the day. Our Skull Dust formula is loaded with a supreme combination of Organic Turmeric, Grass Fed Collagen, Grass Fed Ghee, and Essential Fatty Acids that will induce brain power, improve daily performance, as well as boost your immune system with each and every scoop. Skull Dust is in its own league providing a less luck more skill approach bringing you coffee creamer done the right way. Mix SKULL DUST with your coffee or mix it with water as a stand alone and enjoy the delicious mouth watering Vanilla Mocha flavor. Try Skull Dust available now from Black Magic Supply! HOW DOES SKULL DUST WORK? If you’re part of the 64% of sane humans who drink coffee, we’ve got something awesome for you. Introducing Skull Dust. Now Skull Dust may seem like an intense name, and honestly, we like it that way. It’s unique, it’s fitting with who we are, and we’d be lying if we said it wasn’t some that that catches your attention. Okay, that is great and all, but what even is this? Skull Dust, on the surface, a creamer you can add to your coffee. It offers far more than that though. For instance, how many of you add some flavoring to your coffee? A creamer or two? A dollop of whipped cream? Probably a good amount of you, but do you measure it? Do you know just how many extra carbs or fat you are getting? Are they great sources of these macronutrients? Not to say you probably don’t, but…..That’s why we made this product. Regardless of whether or not you’re using this stand alone or in coffee we made it so you know exactly what you’re getting and that what you’re getting is quality crafted. That means 4g of Fat from Ghee, MCT’s and Omega 3-6-9’s, 12g of protein from Grass Fed Collagen, and measly 1g of carbohydrate. These are pretty much the best sources you can hope for when it comes to these nutrients. Can you say that about you’re creamer? Probably not, but why care in the first place? Let’s start with Ghee. Ghee is a highly purified source of healthy fats from butter. It it meticulously churned and simmered so impurities and contaminants rise to the top which are then skimmed and removed. So unlike any regular butter, which is never skimmed or purified, Ghee is free of these unwanted impurities. We use this Ghee alongside MCT, or medium chain triglycerides, for a top tier fat content. While the Ghee is delivering you the highest quality of longer chain fats, the added MCT’s can be utilized rapidly by both body and mind for fuel. Long sustained energy and quick mental agility all in one. As for the Collagen, it is another under appreciated form of protein that has non-anabolic benefits. Who is drinking coffee to get huge? Instead our Grass Fed Collagen delivers you tons of glycine and other peptides that benefit connective tissues and mood. And that is not even acknowledging the extra craftsman ship we put into this. While making a superior macro and sourcing creamer is great, that wouldn’t make it more Skillful. We added in extra Tumeric and Natural Colombian Espresso coffee powder, because we know you’re already an above average consumer. The added anti-inflammatory and general health benefits of turmeric are always welcome, and the absorption of it is improved along side the fats present here. Hell, the benefits of Turmeric could be sold to you as an entirely separate product. On top of the mentioned anti-inflammatory properties it holds, there are benefits associated with healthy mental functions due to its lipophilic nature, potent antioxidant ability, and its ability to assist proper protein folding in the brain. Yes, and it’s all in here because we wanted to make something better than just another coffee creamer. And do we need to explain the rationale behind some Colombian Espresso? Didn’t think so. Keto friendly, anti-oxidant laden, not-your-average coffee creamer is what you get with Skull Dust. Sure, maybe it’s not a super sexy preworkout like BZRK, but we promise you this is way more useful in everyday life. We didn’t want to roll out something and bank on luck; that’s not us. We crafted this with Skill, and with you in mind as not your average consumer. Less Luck, More Skill. Features Keto Coffee Creamer Libido Support Testosterone Booster Amino Acid Matrix Form Powder Capsules Capsules Powder Size 20 scoops 20 capsules 120 Capsules 30 scoops

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