Cardio Cocktail Nitric Oxide Booster (32 Ounces)

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Keep your heart going strongYour heart never takes a break, supplying oxygen and nutrients to your body from head to toe. Ensure optimal cardio flow for greater stamina, immune function, and cognition with the antioxidant supplement CardioCocktail. Our exclusive formulation of L-Arginine, L-Citrulline, and other supernutrients enhances the level of nitric oxide, the molecule that acts as a natural vasodilator. Increased blood flow and oxygenation promote the maintenance of already healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels for continued heart health.Advanced nutraceutical blendCardio Cocktail has been meticulously engineered to maximize nitric oxide flow with cardio vitamins that include Vitamins B6 and B12; omega fatty acids; and fulvic minerals. Vitamin D and L-Arginine boost immune function while a proprietary blend of fruit juices such as apple, grape, and tart cherry concentrates and more provides potent antioxidant protection. These flavonoid-rich foods are associated with brain function, blood pressure regulation, and anti-inflammatory properties. This well-rounded formula makes cardio Cocktail the best supplement for nitric oxide elevation.Heart health made easyPursuing good heart health will help you maintain those lower blood pressure numbers that doctors love. Cardio Cocktail helps you get the upper hand on cardiovascular health. With just 2 tablespoons per day added to water or your favorite juice drink, you can keep your heart beating like a well-oiled machine. Boost the effects of a healthy diet and exercise. Add Cardio Cocktail to your antioxidant blood pressure supplements today

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