Condemned Labz Thyrogenic Thermogenic Thyroid Support Fat Burner 60 Caps

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Thyrogenic is an all-natural, stimulant-free thyroid support formula engineered to support a healthy metabolism & encourage optimal thyroid function thanks to our powerful thyroid complex. But we didn’t stop there, Thyrogenic also doubles as an stim-free fat loss formula that packs an intense thermogenic punch, helping your body to burn more calories and lose weight faster! The thyroid gland is small in stature (weighing in between 20-60 grams on average), yet despite its diminutive nature, it is one of the most critical glands of the body as it secretes a trio of hormones that affect every cell in the body! Since thyroid function is also known to play a role in memory, concentration and cognitivefunction, we’ve also included key nutrients in Tyrosine, Ashwagandha and magnesium -- an essential mineral involved in 300+ biological processes. We’ve also included a trio of stim-free weight loss agents compounds in LeanGBB, Olive Leaf,and Guggulsterones to help your body burn more fat and facilitate body recomposition.
  • ✅ Supports thyroid health*
  • ✅Promotes a healthy stress response*
  • ✅Enhances mood and focus*
  • ✅Boosts mental energy*
  • ✅Encourages greater fat burning*

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