EAS Original MYOPLEX Maximum Muscle Builder - Meal Replacement Protein Mix - Cinnamon Cereal Crunch - 20 Individual Packets - Quality Protein Blend - 42g Per Serving

Size: 20 Count (Pack of 1)
Flavor: Cinnamon Cereal Crunch
Sale price$69.95 USD


ORIGINAL MYOPLEX Nobody has the perfect diet and even the most health-conscious individuals don't have time to eat right at every meal. That's why there's EAS Myoplex Original Shakes. The easy-to-use powdered shake supplement was one of the original meal replacement shakes on the market and is loaded with protein, vitamins and nutrients to help power you through your day. High-quality meal replacement shakes like Myoplex have become a staple in today's busy world and are an indispensable weapon in the fight to stay in shape. You just can't beat a high-quality, protein-packed shake when it comes to nutrition and convenience. EAS Myoplex shake was one of the first meal replacement shakes on the market and has enjoyed prolonged popularity. People keep coming back to Myoplex Original because it has what customers are looking for in terms of nutrition, taste and value. The shakes include an incredible 42 grams of protein, which is sufficient for all users but the most extreme bodybuilders. The formula also includes 23 vitamins and minerals in sufficient amounts, but not so much that you need to (or should) stop taking your multivitamin. The powdered shake mix blends easily into milk, creating a creamy, easy-to-drink shake that's delicious and convenient. Because the formula is so easy to mix, you won't even need a blender. It also comes in the most popular flavors of vanilla and chocolate. Myoplex Original is naturally 99 percent lactose-free, so almost anyone can use it. Don't let a busy lifestyle or demanding schedule chip away at your fitness by undermining your nutrition. It just takes a few minutes to mix up and drink an EAS Myoplex protein shake. Use EAS Myoplex shakes strategically when life gets busy or when you need a protein-packed boost to help power you through your day.

  • HIGH QUALITY PROTEIN blend consisting of both fast and slow digesting proteins to provide you with a sustained release of quality amino acids for increased muscle recovery and to keep you satisfied for longer periods of time.
  • MEAL REPLACEMENT nutrition at its best. Myoplex contains ideal ratios of protein, carbs and healthy fats along with 23 Vitamins and minerals to help you keep your diet on track and not miss meals.
  • AMAZING TASTE - Myoplex mixes easily into milk, water, or your beverage of choice creating a creamy, delicious easy to drink protein shake that's convenient and tasty!
  • NUTRITIONALLY COMPLETE Myoplex contains high quality vitamins including antioxidants, B-Vitamins, and quality dietary fiber to make sure you are getting complete nutrition from your meal replacement.

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