Enzymedica, Candidase, 120 Capsules, Enzyme Supplement to Support Balanced Yeast Levels and Digestive Health, Vegan, 60 Servings

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Candidase helps maintain the microflora your body needs to keep yeast levels balanced. Our formula contains two powerful enzyme blends: cellulase to help break down yeast cell wall and protease to digest it. The result is gentle cleansing support without sugar cravings, digestive, fatigue or memory issues.


Supports Balanced Yeast Levels

Supports Balanced Yeast Levels

Cleansing Support to Rejuvenate & Energize

Cleansing Support for Microflora Balance






Dietary Info

Vegan & Kosher

Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian


  • Supports a healthy gut: A therapeutic blend of enzymes to support healthy microflora
  • Enzymes for relief: Cultivates healthy gut flora to help cleanse the body; Combines cellulase and protease enzymes for gentle, cleansing support
  • Two capsules: Taken daily, ideally on an empty stomach for general maintenance; See directions for moderate or acute issues; Vegan, kosher and non-GMO
  • Power of thera-blend: Multiple fast-acting enzymes combine for greater activity across the wide pH range found throughout your body
  • Backed by science We're proud to call ourselves the enzyme experts; All of our products are backed by rigorous science and research, so you can feel confident in our supplements

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