Enzymedica Lypo Gold, Concentrated Amounts of Lipase Enzyme, for Fatty Food Digestion, 240 Capsules (240 Servings)

Size: 240 Count (Pack of 1)
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An essential for enjoying your favorite fatty foods, Lypo Gold is a powerful enzyme supplement designed to support digestion of fat. Our Thera-blend of enzymes like lipase, amylase and protease helps you break down fatty foods quickly. These enzymes also assist with fat-soluble vitamins that your body may otherwise struggle to absorb. Taking 1 capsule with each meal helps reduce occasional indigestion. Ideal for ketogenic and other high-fat diets, Lypo Gold is an excellent enzyme to keep near the dinner table. Helps Digest Fats, oils Lactose, casein, proteins and fats Lactose, casein Gluten, casein, carbs Non-GMO yes yes yes yes Vegan and Kosher yes yes yes yes

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