Flaming River FR1044 Battery Disconnect Switch - Heavy Duty Battery Disconnect Switch, Battery Disconnect Switch 12v, 24v Kill Switch for Car - Lock-Out XL 250 Amp Automotive Switch w Bonus Key Chain

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The Big Switch is a heavy-duty Battery Disconnect Switch with increased terminal space rated at 250 Amps continuous service and 2500 Amps for 5 second intervals (12V/24V). The Big Switch is manufactured with silver-plated electrical contacts and with a completely sealed, waterproof design, is able to withstand the most severe operating conditions. If you are looking for durable kill switch kit for car this if the perfect one for you, because of the material that was used is metal not plastic so it will not melt and will last longer than other remote battery disconnect switch or top post battery master disconnect switch. Imagine the time and money you will save from battery replacement due to your battery draining even if not used if you just install one of this. this is a highly recommended automotive performance battery accessories. Other battery shut off switches are composed of plastic material which will have a melting point that will cause a bigger problem in your car. However, this car battery shutoff switch is made of aluminum material, not copper which will provide a proper flow of electricity and will not melt!
  • Benefits - This battery cutoff switch or better to say battery kill switch will definitely solve your draining unused car battery issues and will save you a lot of money on car battery replacement.
  • Materials - This automotive quick disconnect switch is made with strong aluminum bracket furnish with easy-to-grip T handle waterproof switch. This stands out among other battery disconnect switches.
  • Package - FR1044 battery switch sized at 7.62 cm L X10.16 cm W X15.494 cm H and weight 0.635kg. Strong metal made in Italy and will not melt! Your go-to automotive battery quick disconnect.
  • Switch Power - FR1044 battery shutoff switch is a 12 volt kill switch consisting of quick disconnect battery terminal rated at 250 amp, very durable battery kill switch for your car.
  • Compatibility - Flaming River battery cut off switch works on any 12VDC battery for automotive battery quick disconnect this will secure the electrical system of your car when you have a battery cuttoff.

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