ForceField® GrimeBlaster™

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GrimeBlaster is a professional strength degreaser / cleaner with the versatility and power to handle a wide range of industrial cleaning applications. GrimeBlaster cuts through baked on grease, tar, wax or other heavy build up of grime. Cationic surfactants and water emulsified non chlorinated solvents break down grease and oil and suspend it so it can be rinsed away.
  • INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH GREASE and GRIME REMOVER: GrimeBlaster was designed for professionals, but can be used as a powerful "All Purpose" household cleaner and degreaser. It cuts through grease and grime in seconds with minimal scrubbing! Save your workouts for the gym!
  • POWERFUL and ALL PURPOSE CLEANER: Use it in the kitchen on ovens, ranges, cooktops, glass stove top, counter tops, microwave, dirty cookware and dishes... Works great on cabinets, walls, outdoor grills, equipment and tools, automotive tires and engines... Also makes an effective "pre-treat" for oil based laundry!
  • SAFE ON SKIN and NON TOXIC: GrimeBlaster was designed to be environmentally friendly and safe to handle, no need for gloves! it contains no CFCs, phosphates or butyl ester so you can breathe easy while easily cleaning! Also has a pleasant lemon citrus smell.

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