Funko Pop! Black Clover - Black Asta 1420 - Vinyl Figure - with Box Protector Case and Multi-Purpose Keychain

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From Black Clover, Black Asta, as a stylized POP vinyl figure! Arriving from the outskirts of the Clover Kingdom is POP! Asta. In his quest to become the next Wizard King, Pop! Asta has enhanced his sword, making it the Black Divider. Save your magic and jump on the chance to complete your Black Clover collection with Asta and other characters. Figure stands 3 3/4 inches and comes in a window display box. Collect the entire line of Black Clover Funko Pop! Vinyl's: Asta, Yuno, Black Asta, Yami, Mimosa, Klaus, Julius, Fuegoleon, Yuno (Spirit of Zephyr), Noelle (Valkyrie Armor) & Noelle. Collect the entire line of Tokyo Ghoul Funko Vinyl's: Ken Kaneki, Touka Kirishima , Saiko Yonebayashi, Rize, Tooru Mutsuki, Kuki Urie, Shirazu & Haise Sasaki. Collect the entire line of Fairy Tail Funko Pop! Vinyl's: Natsu, Happy, Carla, Lucy, Ezra Scarlet, Gray Fullbuster, Laxus Dreyar, Pantherlily, Mavis Vermillion, Mirajane Strauss, Gajeel, Zeref & Wendy Marvell. Collect the entire line of One Piece Pop! Vinyl's: Tony Tony Chopper, Monkey D. Luffy, Portgas D. Ace, Trafalgar Law, Roronoa Zoro, Nami, Franky, Nico Robin, Vinsmoke Sanji (Fishman), Battle Donquixote Doflamingo, Usopp, Luffy in Kimono, Sabo, Brook & Crocodile. Collect the entire line of Naruto Pop! Vinyl's: Sasuke, Naruto, Kurama, Kakashi, Sakura, Tobi, Gaara, Orochimaru, Lady Tsunade, Naruto with Resengan, Minato Namikaze, Naruto Six Path Sage, Kabuto Yakushi, Kiba with Akamaru, Shikamaru Nara, Pain & Naruto 6 Path Sage. Collect the entire line of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Pop! Vinyl's: Boruto Uzumaki, Boruto with Marks, Mitsuki, Sarada Uchiha, Cho-Cho, Inojin, Kawaki & Shikadai. (Each Sold Separately) Includes a Pop box protector fit for any collectors investment.

😊 Authentic Packaging: Comes in original packaging, ensuring authenticity and collector value.

😎 Collector's Protection: Includes a Plastic Box Protector designed for collectors, featuring a removable film for added protection and preservation of the figure's value.

🌟 Perfect for Fans: Stylized collectible stands at 3 ¾ inches tall, making it the perfect addition to any Black Clover fan's collection.

💪 Acid-Free Protection: Ships in an acid-free PET plastic Pop Protector, ensuring the figure remains in pristine condition over time.

🔒 Structural Integrity: Features a push-lock tab that adds structural integrity to the Pop Protector, ensuring the figure is securely housed.

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