Gastrotene. Promotes Optimal GI Health and Good Intestinal Function. All Natural. Non GMO 60 Capsules

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Promotes optimal GI health with an all-natural protein-growth factor and herbal blend that helps provide excellent balance and support for GI lining. Gastrotene is the first GI product to contain a patented key ingredient, 2-Beta Coxatene, an all-natural protein-growth factor and herbal blend ingredient which, provides healthy immune signaling support coupled with healthy GI tissue signaling support for optimal GI health. Gastrotene combines the best nutrients for GI support with the powerful 2-Beta Coxatene for a healthier stomach, intestines, and colon.* 2-Beta Coxatene is combined with Glutamine and Slippery Elm: Glutamine nourishes the microvilli, helping to keep them tall, full and strong. Slippery Elm, is a mucilaginous agent which helps coat the GI tract supporting healthy bowel function and proper acid balance within the stomach

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