Genetidyne Genetaminos - Caffeine Infused Amino Blend - 'Merica Red ,White, and Blue Pop Flavor EAA Powder Drink Mix with All 9 Amino Acids - 9.05 oz 45 Serving Container

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Genetidyne Genetaminos(256.63 g/9.05 oz) is a caffeine infused amino blend featuring all nine of the essential amino acids which are often used for supporting muscle building, strength, and body composition. Pour a serving into a cold glass of water to transform it into a delicious popsicle drink!

This amino drink dietary supplement is a low calorie drink at only 2 calories per serving! Add this amino powder daily once or twice a day to help boost your energy to work out and overall support healthy living for active people! This product includes both natural and artificial flavoring.

This essential amino acid mix was manufactured on equipment that may also produce products containing egg, wheat, peanut, tree nut, fish, and shellfish ingredients. For adult use only, do not take if you are pregnant, nursing, or under the age of 18. This amino acid mixture is not recommended to be taken four hours before bed.

Genetidyne is a small company with big goals, founded on morals and ethics. The human body is precious and so Genetidyne puts great care into each product they create so we can all live a more healthy life without the worry of hype and fluff.

  • Fun Flavors: Get your daily dose of essential amino acids by mixing our powder made with exhilarating 'Merica pop flavoring that will make it taste just like a popsicle stick drink!
  • All 9 Amino Acids: This amino acid powder contains all the essential amino acids for supporting muscle building, strength, and body composition for anyone leading an active and healthy lifestyle!
  • Refresh: Just because you stop working out doesn't mean your body does! Assist your muscles as they recover post workout with the use of our eaa supplement!
  • How to Use: Mix amino acid supplement with 8 ounces of cold water and consume once to two times daily. It is not recommended to consume 4 hours before bed. Container holds an estimated 45 servings.
  • Genetidyne Promise: Genetidyne is a small company with big goals, founded on morals and ethics. Our mission is to give you quality ingredients made with love and care in each product.

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