Allera Health Products Immune Extra Pine Cone Extract - Health Support - 2 Pack of 30 Vegetarian Capsule

Color: 30 Count
Size: 30 Count (Pack of 2)
Sale price$30.19 USD


Experience advanced health support with Allera Health's Pine Cone Extract Capsules. This premium supplement features Proligna, a patented botanical extract derived from pine cones, clinically tested to enhance your body's natural defenses. Each capsule is formulated to deliver powerful antioxidants, promoting overall wellness and vitality. Free from common allergens and artificial additives, these capsules are perfect for supporting your health naturally. Incorporate Allera Health's Pine Cone Extract into your daily routine for optimal well-being.

✅ KEEP YOUR IMMUNITY UP - Boost your immune system with our potent immune support supplement. Taking our pine cone supplement, containing powdered scotch pine cone extract supplements, helps you maintain a consistent level of immune cell activity so your body's defense system is always primed for optimal performance.

✅ A POTENT ACTIVE INGREDIENT - Our innovative product is the first supplement that contains ProLigna, a pine cone extract found to help promote dendritic cell development by as much as 9x in just 9 days. Our organic pine bark extract capsules, pine bark capsules, offer a convenient and effective way to harness the power of this active ingredient.

✅ ONE CAPSULE A DAY IS ALL IT TAKES - Enhance your well-being effortlessly. With just one serving of our pine bark supplements every day, which includes pine bark extract capsules, pine pollen capsules organic, and pine pollen powder organic, you can strengthen your immunity against common stressors. It's a more convenient and natural way towards wellness.

✅ BE WELL & BE SAFE - Our immune wellness supplement, including organic pine cone extract capsules, contains no known allergens such as yeast, wheat, soy, gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts, peanuts, fish, shellfish, or any of their derivatives. Rest assured that our pine bark capsules, pine pollen capsules organic, and pine pollen bulk supplements are safe and allergen-free.

✅ GO NATURAL - Our patented pine cone extract sourced responsibly and by hand from scotch pine forests in the USA, is wild-crafted and non-GMO. Discover the benefits of organic pine pollen powder, organic pine bark extract powder, and organic pine pollen capsules for men in our plant based diet products. Experience the immune-boosting properties of allera immune extra, pine tree bark extract, and pine needle extract organic in our carefully crafted formula.

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