InvigoFlex® D - 1500mg of Glucosamine Sulfate Powder (Classic Formulation) - Premium Joint Pain Relief Supplement for Knees, Hands, Back, and Hip Support Packets - 30 Packets

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Keep those joints moving and get back to what you love doing. If you suffer from joint discomfort, InvigoFlex D can help. InvigoFlex D is the newest addition to the InvigoFlex brand. It contains 1500 mg of Glucosamine Sulfate, the CLASSIC formulation. Years of activities from sports to daily tasks place a great deal of stress on the joints. Cartilage wears thin, and in time, it breaks down. InvigoFlex D is used to help support joint health and maintain and promote healthy cartilage. Classic Glucosamine Sulfate Maximum Strength Formulation Supports Joint Function and Cartilage* Promotes Good Health of Body Joints* Reduces Pain from Overexertion and Exercise* Available in Powder or Caplet form* Physician Recommended. Available without a prescription* Glucosamine Sulfate, the CLASSIC formulation. Many products offer different types of Glucosamine (i.e. Glucosamine Hydrochloride) and provide different quality levels, and different dosages. With InvigoFlex D, we set out to create a product that customers could trust for superior quality and efficacy, using ingredients that could help support joint health when you need it most. One of the most important parts of your life is the freedom to do the things you have always enjoyed doing, without worrying about joint discomfort. Choosing the right product to help with this has never been more critical. InvigoFlex D is there to ensure you no longer have to worry about choosing the wrong joint supplement.*
  • PREMIUM JOINT SUPPORT: This Premium Joint Support Supplement from InvigoFlex D is powerful enough to make you feel ache free all day. The supplements Classic Formula will help support joints for both men and women. Helps joint discomfort from aches, inflammation, and soreness.
  • INCREASED MOBILITY AND FLEXIBILITY: Glucosamine Sulfate helps the cartilage retain water and promotes overall cartilage flexibility. InvigoFlex D contains premium-quality, Glucosamine Sulfate. Increase your mobility with efficacy status that is superior
  • Glucosamine Sulfate is essential in maintaining cartilage in the joints while defending, strengthening, and promoting overall joint health.
  • Supports Joint Function and Cartilage, Promotes Good Health of Body Joints, Reduces Pain from Overexertion and Exercise – Recommended by Physicians

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