Worldwide Nutrition Madra Mor Mobility Dog Essentials Mud Bath | Dog Bath Spa Treatment for Dog Arthritis Pain Relief | Anti Itch for Dogs Wash for Dog Grooming | 7.5lb Pail w Multi Purpose Key Chain

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Madra Mór Fortifying Mud Dog Bath is an all-natural canine skin and coat cleanser enhanced with mineral rich clay with apple cider and infused with nourishing, healing ingredients such as organic diatomaceous earth, seed oil, tea tree oil, grape seed oil, and peppermint oil. These skin care ingredients promote healthy cell regeneration, ease irritation related to itchy and scratchy skin, and rejuvenate the essential lipid barrier. This treatment comes in a 7.5 lb pail.

Why Choose Mud For Bathing Your Best Furry Friend? Hot spots, blemishes, irritations, etc can cause discomfort in your furry friend that can effect their wellness. Fortifying Mud Madra Mor works to prevent your mini best friend's from these symptoms. This is a dog must haves as part of your dog supplies and pet products. Provide powerful dog itch relief, allergy support for dogs, and pain relief for itchy skin. Many canine skin disorders arise when dry skin is exposed and vulnerable to absorbing environmental invasions, pollutants, and allergy-causing agents. The dog dry skin treatment nourishes and hydrates the skin and coat for dogs restoring nutrients and strengthening your dogs first line of defense!

Your dog will love the soothing sensation when you massage the hot spot treatment for dogs into its skin. This skin soother for dogs absorbs into the skin to relieve pain and instantly stop itching. They will feel cooled down from the dog anti itch mud bath. This treatment pairs well with skin and coat supplement for dogs to flush out the toxins. Madra Mor's dog health supplies help cleanse, protect and rejuvenate with nutrient rich mud and omega oils making great part of your dogs body skin care products! Healthy Skin Equals a Beautiful Coat! What we created is nature’s way to clean and treat with "Mother Nature’s" finest, time-tested ingredients.

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