Madra Mor Massaging SPA Mud - Luxurious Dog Skin Wellness Treatment - Cleanse - Protect - Rejuvenate - Green Mud - 1 Pail (7.5lb) - with Multi-Purpose Key Chain

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Treat your beloved pet to the ultimate pampering experience with Madra Mor Mud Spa Treatment. Crafted with the finest natural ingredients, this luxurious mud treatment offers a rejuvenating escape for your furry friend. Watch as their skin is cleansed, soothed, and deeply nourished, leaving their coat with a healthy, radiant glow. Say goodbye to dry, itchy skin and hello to a happier, more relaxed pet. Suitable for dogs of all breeds and sizes, Madra Mor Mud Spa Treatment is the perfect indulgence for your four-legged companion. Elevate their grooming routine and let them experience the bliss of a spa day at home with Madra Mor Mud.

🐾 Ultimate Dog Care Bundle - Includes a Massaging SPA Mud and a Multi-Purpose Keychain, offering a nourishing and hydrating solution for dog dry skin. This formula, reminiscent of dog shampoo and conditioner, works wonders on weak, aging, and tired skin, restoring vital nutrients and fortifying your dog's first line of defense!

🛁 Skin and Coat Health Spa Mud Bath - The dog dry skin treatment cleanses and protects the skin and coat for dogs. Ensure skin & coat health and wellness with the treatment of this dog moisturizer for dry skin making it the perfect puppy essentials.

🌱 Natural Dog Bathing Supplies - Organic ingredients like nutrient-rich mineral mud, aloe, & omega-essential dog oil promote healing. Added essential oils & omega oils rejuvenate and nourish the skin making the perfect dog spa treatment.

🐶 Dog Spa - Give them the dog care and spa treatment they deserve. The body skin care products for dogs are spa-quality pet supplies for dogs. As a natural dog skin soother enhance your dog wash station and dog grooming supplies with a dog spa bath.

🌸 Amazing Smell- Dog shampoo for smelly dogs is taken to the next level with Madra Mor's dog shower mud. Give your dog new skin with nutrient-rich omega oils that help to absorb impurities and leave a lasting smell just like a dog deodorant.

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