Puriclean Instant Duo-max Cleanser, 20x Stronger and Faster

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********************TRY THESE OTHER OPTIONS FROM WELLGENIX ********************Puriclean MAX 7 Day Permanent CleanserFull Body Cleanse100% PotencyRemoves all toxins permanentlyover 100 grams of cleansing powder5x's Stronger than other permanent cleansersPuriclean Max PURGE3x's Stronger and faster than other pre-mixed cleansers100% Potency every timeDoes not activate till it hits the waterYum! taste like juice-for...
********************TRY THESE OTHER OPTIONS FROM WELLGENIX ********************

Puriclean MAX 7 Day Permanent Cleanser

Full Body Cleanse

100% Potency

Removes all toxins permanently

over 100 grams of cleansing powder

5x's Stronger than other permanent cleansers

Puriclean Max PURGE

3x's Stronger and faster than other pre-mixed cleansers

100% Potency every time

Does not activate till it hits the water

Yum! taste like juice-for easy intake

Puriclean Max Cleanser- Fruit Punch

5x's Stronger and faster than other pre-mixed cleansers

13 grams of cleanser

100% potency every time

Includes 32oz bottle to measure your water.

Yum! Taste like juice

Puriclean Instant 32oz

Pre-mixed Liquid

For High toxin levels

Original form

Trusted for over 25 Years

Easy to use

Extra Strength

same day detox
  • Made in USA-GMP Certified Labs-Products Guaranteed
  • Be confident-Puriclean Max DUO is scientifically formulated with our proprietary Chlorosyllic Blend to be up to 20X Stronger and Works faster than any other pre-mixed Liquid or Capsule. Quick Flush Cleanser.
  • With our Instant Max DUO delivery system, your body gets the full cleansing strength the second it enters your system.
  • Delicious Flavor- Taste like juice or vitamin water. Yum! Makes for easy intake. Yum!
  • Make the Right Choice and pick Puriclean Instant Max Cleanser DUO! The strongest and fastest Quick Flush cleanser available on the market today!
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