Relax Far Infrared Sauna with Black Tent Upgrade(Thicker Material and More Reflection)

Sale price$2,150.00 USD


Upgraded Premium Model. This is the BEST of the BEST. (Black tent, more reflection) The Relax Sauna provides more than 95% Far Infrared. Relax Sauna Far Infrared Long Term Benefits, highest far Infrared Sauna Experience Available. Utilizing Patented far Infrared Technology. The Relax Sauna ships worldwide, except Germany, China, Sweden, Japan, Southeast Asia or Poland. Free Continental US Shipping, direct from manufacturers warehouse. No water, no mess, Small footprint and completely portable for travel. Dimensions: 33 in W x 32 in D 46 in H. Saunas are a personal care item and are NOT returnable. However, in the unlikely event there is a manufacturer’s defect, the manufacturer will quickly provide repair or replacement.

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