Solgar Probi Plus Enzyme Complex, 30 Capsules - 20 Billion CFU Probiotic Plus Enzymes - Once Daily - Clinically-Studied to Alleviate Occasional Gas & Bloating - Non-GMO & Dairy Free, 30 Servings

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Solgar Probi® Plus Enzyme is a powerful combination of intestine-surviving probiotics plus complementary enzymes to help break down foods, alleviate occasional gas and bloating, and promote optimal gut health.* This formulation contains the heavily studied LP299V® probiotic strain, which is clinically shown to help alleviate abdominal discomfort associated with occasional gas and bloating.* By combining 20 Billion CFUs of this powerful strain along with three fermentation-based digestive enzymes, Solgar Probi® Plus Enzyme is able to increase the good bacteria in your gut and help break down foods for energy, cellular growth, and other vital functions.*

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