Specialty Blends Pickle Juice - Premium Pickle Juice for Leg Cramps, Freeze Pops, Drink Mixer, Gluten Free, Keto Friendly, Natural Electrolyte (2 Pack) 1L with Bonus Key Chain

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Whether you are a serious athlete, a pickle lover, want to bring the life to the party, need a treat on a hot summer day pickle juice is the answer! Suffer from leg cramps? That can be excruciating. Vitamins C and E, sodium, potassium, magnesium, and all other natural electrolytes in pickle juice as a sport drink may support in the pain relief. Pickle Juice for cramps can trigger muscular reflexes that can in turn ''shut off'' the cramping feeling. In addition to using pickle shots for cramps*, pickle juice is also k n to help support the immune system.* Need another reason to add pickle pops to your routine? They can also support digestion. Pickle juice is not only healthy but can be used as the best drink mixer. The signature pickle juice drink is a pickle back shot. Combine 1oz pickle juice shot and 1oz of your favorite whiskey and enjoy! You can also combine dill pickle juice with any drink of choice as a pickle mixer and it's sure to liven up the party! On a hot summer day, for a sporting event, or an everyday treat, turn your pickle juice into a pickle ze pop! Use your pickles juice to make a pop ice! Pickle ice ze pops are great for any occasion!
  • Natural Electrolyte Drink - Pickle juice contains salt, potassium, and magnesium, as well as other electrolytes. As a result, it can be used as a natural electrolyte replacement.
  • Healthy - This pickle juice is a healthier alternative to sugary drinks or mixers. It contains important electrolytes, fat free, sugar free, caffeine free, gluten free and only 5 calories.
  • Cocktail Mixer - For a pickleback mixer combine 1oz with a 1oz shot of your favorite whiskey. Combine these pickle juice shots as an alcohol mixer with your drink of choice. The life of any party!
  • Pickle Juice For Leg Cramps - Pickle juice brine is used for athletes as well as the everyday active person. It can trigger muscular reflexes that can, in turn, ''shut off'' the cramping feeling.
  • Make Into a Pickle Ice Pop - On a hot summer day, for a sporting event, or an everyday treat. Use your pickle juice to make a pickle popsicle! Pickle pops are great for any occasion!
  • Multi Purpose Key Chain - This Specialty Blends Pickle juice comes with a handy key chain from Worldwide Nutrition! It opens bottles and flip-top cans, acts as a slide-out phone stand, and has a split ring attachment.

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