Syntrax Matrix - Sustained-Release Protein Powder Blend - Kosher & Halal - Muscle Support - Simply Vanilla - 5 lbs - with Multi-Purpose Key Chain

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Introducing Syntrax Matrix, a premium protein powder that redefines your nutritional experience. Crafted with precision, Matrix comes in a convenient 5lb bag, ideal for those seeking a reliable and versatile protein source. More than just a protein powder, it's flavored to perfection, ensuring each shake is a delightful experience. Tailored for women, Matrix offers performance whey protein powder, delivering 23g of high-quality protein per serving. Explore a range of flavors, from classic options to innovative blends, elevating your protein shake game. Whether post-workout or in recipes, Matrix ensures a delicious and effective protein solution. Fuel your performance and taste preferences with the convenience of a 5lb bag, providing a lasting supply for your fitness journey. Elevate your protein experience with Matrix, going beyond expectations.

✅ High-Quality Protein Blend: Syntrax Matrix offers a substantial 23g of protein per serving, featuring a diverse blend including whey protein, whey protein isolate, and organic whey protein powder.

✅ Balanced Protein Blend: This high protein powder combines whey protein and casein protein, providing essential amino acids and a sustained release for lasting support.

✅ Enhanced Recovery Support: With added glutamine powder, this whey protein isolate offers vital amino acids to elevate your fitness routine and support recovery.

✅ Delicious and Nutritious: Enjoy the delicious taste of our whey protein powder, satisfying your taste buds while meeting your protein needs.

✅ Convenient 5lb Bag: Perfect for whey protein shakes, the 5lb bag ensures a lasting supply of high-quality protein whenever you need it.

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