Syntrax Micellar Créme - Fresh, Native Micellar Casein Protein Powder - Kosher and Halal - Mixes Instantly - 1 Pack of 2lb with Multi-Purpose Keychain.

Flavor: Chocolate Milkshake
Sale price$25.99 USD


Elevate your fitness journey with the exquisite blend of taste and quality in our Micellar Crème. Unleash the power of superior proteins with our top-notch casein protein powder and pristine casein protein powder combination. This bundle includes 2 Pounds of Casein Protein Powder and a multi-purpose keychain. Indulge in the clean, creamy taste of our Micellar Crème, meticulously crafted from fresh, native micellar casein—a level above inferior caseinate salts. This isn't just any casein powder; it's a promise of a superior protein experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Experience instant gratification with our casein protein shake powder—a harmonious blend that effortlessly mixes with just a spoon, delivering a smooth, creamy texture without any chalkiness or thickness. This isn't just about convenience; it's about savoring every moment of your protein journey. Enter the realm of sustained-release bliss with our unique micellar casein protein powder formula. It's not just about recovery; it's about optimizing, about feeling the long-lasting benefits that resonate with every fiber of your being. Dive into the enchanting taste of a real milkshake, guilt-free. Micellar Crème isn't just a protein; it's a rich, creamy milkshake flavor experience—a true testament to our commitment to both taste and quality. This isn't just a casein protein Syntrax choice; it's the preferred Syntrax protein powder for those who value the extraordinary. Transform your fitness routine with Micellar Crème—a journey of flavor, a celebration of quality, and a symphony of proteins that elevate your every sip.

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