TS Pink Soap Rocks Set, Palmstones, 12 Piece Random Variety Pack Bundle, 1.5 oz Each Crystal Soap - Bubble Bath, Body, Face, Hand, Gift, Decorative, Gemstone Soap

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Who doesn't love cute soaps? A crystal soap bar that lathers clean and smooth and is gentle on skin, leaving it soft and refreshed, but has the lovely appearance of colorful minerals and rocks is a perfect addition to any bathroom. Give as a gift for any occasion or treat yourself to a 12-pack of these fragrance rocks. These PalmStone Soap Rocks are from TS Pink. TS Pink produces a high quality decorative bar soap. They are made with extracts of the earth (and are bio-degradable) : Aloe, Calendula, Chamomile, Comfrey, Lavender, Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, Almond Oil. A decorative soap that illuminates and lights up under water can be an alluring reward in the bathtub after a long day or a mid-day hand washing pick-me-up. A bathroom rock with a unique, dazzling, colorful, appearance will give a spa-like feel to any home. How do they smell? With an array of scents in this pack of 12 decorative soap bars you can choose whichever delightful, but not overpowering, scented soap rock that matches your mood. Decorative soaps for bathroom? A lovely addition. Scented gift soaps? Just as wonderful!
  • 🛁 Enhance your bubble bath experience! Made with natural oils and herbs our soap crystal rocks create a visually stimulating, relaxing, and pleasantly scented bathing experience.
  • 🎁 Perfect as a gift! This soap rock set is full of colorful scented soaps and is the perfect present for any family, friend, co-worker, occasion, or just to tell someone you're thinking about them.
  • 🧼 Beautiful display in your home! If bubble baths are not your thing but decorative soaps are, Palmstones are, you're in the right place! Decorative guest soaps are a nice touch to any bathroom.
  • 🧽 Can be used all over your body! The natural ingredients in our scented crystal rocks are cleansing and hydrating and can be used on hands, body, face, and even hair.
  • 🌈 Our rock soap is not only a colorful soap but it is the perfect size for displaying anywhere in the home-not just your bathroom! Take it with you on the go and always have a cute soap ready to go.

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