Tyler Candle Company Diva Signature Fragrance Chambre Parfum 3 Pack - Luxury Diva Scent Air Freshener / Fragrant Room Air Spray - 4 Oz Container - The Ultimate Aromatic Experience

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The ultimate aroma experience! Seduce your senses with our exquisite Tyler Company Diva Chambre Parfum! With several lavish fragrance bursts from our 4 ounce spray can, your room will transform into a rich and luxurious paradise! Perfect for any room: your boudoir, parlour room, powder room, great room, or any room you please! This luxury perfume is the Tyler Diva scent, a divine blend of delicious fruit, a rich floral scent, aromatic chocolate, and earthy amber essence. Our Tyler Room Spray Diva is a long lasting fresh scent that will leave your rooms smelling divine all day long!
  • Signature Scent - Tyler's Glamorous Diva Spray features a luxurious blend of scents including delicious fruits, rich florals, aromatic chocolate, and earthy amber essence.
  • Easy to Use - With several lavish fragrance bursts, simply shake the spray can well and fill the room of your choice with Tyler's High Fragrance Room Spray!
  • Great for All Rooms - Tyler Candle Diva Scent Room Spray works wonders in all rooms. Fragrance your boudoir, parlour room, powder room, great room, office, or any room you can think of!
  • Lasting Scent - A little spray can go a long way! Tyler Diva room scent freshener is long lasting and fills the whole room! Enjoy your sweet smelling room with our Diva scented house freshener!
  • Cruelty Free and Made in the United States - Tyler Candles Diva Chambre Parfum Four Pack was proudly made in the USA. This room perfume is cruelty-free and was not tested on any animals.

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