Tyler Candle Company, TwentyFourSevenGlam Votive Candles, Ultimate Aromatherapy Experience, Luxury Scented Candle with Essential Oils, Case of 16 Tyler Mini Candles, 2 oz and 15 Hr Burn Time Each

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Candles for gifts truly are the ultimate any-occasion thoughtful and desirable present. Our candles come in candle boxes that are meant to be put into votive jars or a similar safe container. The combination of a candle holder or candle jars of your choosing
(votive safe-please see directions), pleasantly scented soy candle wax, lead-free candle wick, our candle fragrance oil, and any other candle accessories, Tyler candle aesthetic is enchanting.

Create your ultimate surroundings of peace and serenity with our candle scents. Includes sixteen 2 oz prestige candles in our candle pack. Tyler's candle set gift for yourself or a loved one is perfect for travel or fragrancing your powder room, sprucing
up your bedroom with candle light, office, living room, kitchen, etc...

One hour of burn time is sufficient to provide lasting fragrance enjoyment from the candle essential oils.Each candle is hand-poured into our candle containers, ensuring even burning and maximum fragrance saturation.

The Tyler Candles TwentyFourSevenGlam votive candle set is created in celebration of everyone everywhere. We thank you. Thank yourself or a loved one with a candle gift set - know you are a magnificent man or woman who has enhanced life.

This candle accessory set must be properly maintained. Certain candle fragrances develop a black mushroom, while more condensed candle fragrance oil for soy candles will develop a silver white ash. A superior essential oil candle requires superior maintenance.

But that's not it! Need house warming gifts new home appropriate? Consider a Tyler Candle. You can also get creative in making space creating a home meditation practice. Soy wax for candle making can be soothing and fragrance oil for candle making is
of the highest quality.Tyler Candle Company hopes you will enjoy the essential oil candles for home scented just for you as much as we enjoyed the candle making.

  • 🕯️TwentyFourSevenGlam scented extravagance candles make an asylum of calm within the house, diminishing uneasiness while permitting you to experience aromatherapy wherever you like!
  • 🌿Finest Quality Natural Ingredients: Tyler candle decor is made of pure natural soy and paraffin wax candles combined with luxurious essential oils to make the perfect aromatherapy candle set.
  • ğŸŽPopular Gifts for women: Beautifully packaged home luxury scents! Women's candle sets make ideal gifts for any occasion. Pair it with a beautiful candle stand and you're covered!
  • Long-lasting Burn: Each 2oz soy wax candle can last 15 hours. The whole small candle set can last for 240 hours. All gift candles are designed to fragrance a room with candle zen in minutes.
  • Many Uses: Tyler TwentyFourSevenGlam is perfect for bathroom decor, home decor, a candle for mom, self care, meditation, birthday candles, part of a custom candle making kit, and much more!

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