Tyler Diva Glamour Do Air Freshener Spray - Odor Eliminator Toilet Spray for Poop and Bathroom Odors - Odor Eliminator for Strong Odor - 8 oz Bathroom Spray Bottle with Bonus Key Chain

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  • 🌻 Fresh Scent - Bathroom air fresheners spray features the Diva scent: delicious fruits and rich florals blend combined with rich aromatic chocolate, musk, and amber. This toilet sprayer will ensure that your bathroom smell good!
  • 🌷 Home Essentials - Every household should have this bathroom essential! These toilet cleaning supplies work as a toilet deodorizer anytime, anywhere! Pack these 8 oz spray bottles with your travel essentials and keep the guest bathroom fresh!
  • 🌺 Convenient Travel Bottle - Packed in a 8 oz spray bottle, it's easy to carry these travel size toiletries! These are travel must haves that also work perfectly as cruise essentials, apartment essentials, and college essentials!
  • 🌼 Pure and Safe Odor Eliminator - This is a non-aerosol, non toxic air freshener for bathroom necessities. They are super safe toilet bowl cleaners to use around bathroom decor, so add our guest bathroom essentials to your air freshener supplies!
  • 🥀 Odor Free Guarantee - A perfect instant bathroom cleaner spray! This natural bathroom spray is powerful as a small spaces air freshener, acting as the perfect bathroom accessories to use after and before you go!
  • ✨ Multi Purpose Key Chain - This bathroom spray air freshener comes with a handy key chain from Worldwide Nutrition! It opens bottles and flip-top cans, acts as a slide-out phone stand, and has a split ring attachment.

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