Tyler Votive Candle Original 2oz - 16pk

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Candles for gifts truly are the ultimate any-occasion thoughtful and desirable present. Our candles come in candle boxes that are meant to be put into votive jars or a similar safe container. The combination of a candle holder or candle jars of your choosing (votive safe-please see directions), pleasantly scented soy candle wax, lead-free candle wick, our candle fragrance oil, and any other candle accessories, Tyler candle aesthetic is enchanting.
  • 🕯️Lavish Scent: Fill your home with the aroma of Roses, vetiver, lavender, and spice with a patchouli undertone to create the ultimate aroma-sensory. experience!
  • 🌿Finest Quality Natural Ingredients: Tyler candle decor combines pure natural soy and paraffin wax candles with luxury essential oils to create the ultimate aromatherapy candle set.
  • 🎁Popular as candle gifts for women: Beautifully packaged home luxury scents! Women's candle sets make ideal gifts for any occasion. Pair it with a beautiful candle stand and you're covered!
  • 🔎Long-lasting Burn: Each 2oz soy wax candle can last 15 hours. The whole small candle set can last for 240 hours. All gift candles are designed to fragrance a room with candle zen in minutes.
  • Many Uses: Tyler Original is perfect for bathroom decor, home decor, a candle for mom, self care, meditation, birthday candles, part of a custom candle making kit, and much more!

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