Vapon Topstick - The Original Men's Grooming Tape - 50 Count 1/2" x 3" Double Sided, Self Adhesive, Clear Tape for Toupee and Wig Adhesion - Hypo Allergenic, Waterproof, and Latex Free

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Vapon Topstick The Original Men's Grooming Tape comes in a 50 pack box full of 1/2" x 3" adhesive strips of clear, double sided grooming tape for men. Our powerful double stick wig tape will hold any toupee or hairpiece in place for as long as you need, even something as tricky as a lace front wig.

Our product is primarily a hair piece tape for men, but can be used for other purposes as well. Topstick Men's Grooming Tape can also be used as an alternative to clothing tape or bra tape to support elaborate clothes such as wedding dresses or cosplay. Vapon's can also be used as a medical tape adhesive for attaching hearing aids and other medical devices to the skin. Even crafts around the house and fixing light home decor can be done easily with Topstick clear hairpiece tape!

Make certain your scalp is clean, dry and oil free before using Topstick Men’s Grooming Tape. Once cleaned, trim strips to size, remove the backing, and press firmly into place. Remove the remaining backing and carefully apply the hairpiece. Our self adhesive tape is waterproof, latex free, hypo-allergenic, and made in America.

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