VITÄLZYM Original Proteolytic Systemic Digestive Enzyme Formula Serrapeptase Source | Immune and Joint Support Increase Blood Flow Cardio Function | Healthy Men Women (450 Capsules)

Size: 450 Count (Pack of 1)
Sale price$120.00 USD


A Powerful Hybrid Formula For All Ages and Body Types

Sleep better, feel better, heal better.

Our complex formula of proteolytic systemic and digestive enzymes can lead to increased energy and stamina whether you’re powering through a tough day at work, or trying to keep up with your kids!*

Be Active and Regain Your Life

Enzymes are an important part of your overall health and recovery. Get the help you need to take your training and recovery to the next level, the natural way!

Our Vitalyzm hybrid blend supports improved joint functions and pain relief, and has been shown to assist speedy recovery from intense exercise.*

A Balanced Combination of Enzymes, Diet & Exercise

We recommend you combine our systemic enzyme formula with an overall healthy lifestyle, including diet, exercise, and fun!

Our unique combination contains a potent blend of systemic and digestive enzymes to provide a more efficient delivery system to where your body needs it most.*

One of the key factors to achieving an overall healthy life is being active. For many people, systemic enzymes have been able to provide the boost needed to become active and healthy once again. Our proprietary blend of proteolytic enzymes may be just what you need to help you regain your ability to be active and enjoy life, as it has for many others in the past.*

A Balanced Enzyme Combination

The 'secret formula' of combined enzymes

Each enzyme in Vitalzym was chosen for its unique benefit. These enzymes are combined for the synergetic effect they provide, known as an enzymatic cascade reaction.

Each enzyme is special in its own way and has a specific function in the body. Different enzymes can help you in various ways, achieving faster and better results than any single enzyme could accomplish on its own.

Vitälzym is your team of 'super hero' enzymes, ready to take you and your body to the next level.*

  • American Made, Essential for Health, Plant Based: Not All Complete Digestive System Enzyme Products Are Made The Same - Pay For True Quality & You Will Not Be Disappointed. World Nutrition is a pioneer of complementary systemic enzymes. In 2001 we introduced the original Vitalzym pill as a hybrid formula that offers both systemic & digestive benefits to provide total body support. It quickly became the best-selling systemic enzyme in the world and sold over $10M in the first 3 years alone
  • The Best Vegetarian Digestion Supplement & Remedy: Our Premium Strength Super Gut Defense Formula contains everything you need for full-body support: Protease, Serrapeptase, Papain, Bromelain, Amylase, Lipase, Rutin, & Amla. Each powerful ingredient is derived from natural, vegetarian sources. Most competitors use enzymes harvested from pigs & cows after slaughter. These enzymes are low-quality & strength, requiring a much higher dose as they’re less effective against targeted mediators
  • Advanced, Broad Spectrum Caps Promote Wellness: Our complex extract provides the optimal potency level of proteolytic enzymes that may assist with IBS, gas, inflammation, regulating your immune system, removing excess plaque & fibrin (fibrous tissue), & support the return of blood volume & flow. Vitälzym capsules are formulated to support health in the following systems: cognitive/mental, upper respiratory, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, reproductive, joints, connective tissue, & skin
  • Fast Response, Organic, Calms Indigestion & Assists With IBS, Gas, Bloating: Regain bowel comfort with our perfect synergistic blend of systemic and digestive enzymes. It starts in the stomach & helps the body to break down food and absorb nutrients. After helping increase digestive abilities, the systemic enzymes take action in the bloodstream, moving throughout your entire body. This unique combination can help to improve your bodily processes and regain your quality of life
  • Formulated for Active Vitality Enhancement Plus Recovery: High-quality pure powder filled capsules that break down in your stomach provide digestive support with every dose. Some serrapeptase survives the acidic environment of the stomach and a dosage is released in the small intestine, allowing it to be absorbed into your bloodstream and distributed throughout your whole body. Our customers have reported increased energy, stamina, and recovery from intense exercise

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