Core Power Fairlife Elite 42g High Protein Milk Shake - Kosher, Vanilla Flavor Protein Shake for Workout Recovery - 14 Fl Oz (Pack of 12) & Multi-Purpose Key Chain

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Flavor: vanilla | size: 14 fl. Oz (Pack of 12). The bundle includes Fairlife Core Power Protein Shakes 42g and a multi-purpose keychain.- Core Power Elite is more than just a delicious protein shake; it's a journey to fuel your vitality. The base of our protein drinks is pure, ultra-filtered milk, treated with innovative care to concentrate protein and calcium, leaving lactose far behind. With 42g of high-quality Complete Protein and the full spectrum of 9 essential amino acids, Core Power Protein drinks are your steadfast companions on the path to healthy workout recovery. Experience the power within every sip. Looking for variety? Core Power Elite high protein shakes also come in Chocolate, a flavor that's as rich as your commitment to a better you. Discover the excellence of Fair Life. Savor the strength of Fairlife core power protein shakes. Elevate your fitness journey with 42g fairlife protein shake. Witness the transformation with 42 grams protein shake Fairlife. Unleash your potential with core life protein shake 42g. Ignite your inner strength with core power 42. Elevate your game with Core Power Elite protein drink. Nourish your body with core protein 42g. Embrace the power of core protein shake 42g. Thrive with core protein shakes. Experience the elite of Elite Core Power.

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