Worldwide Nutrition Tyler Candle Company Fleur De Lis Scent Wax Melts - Soy Wax Scented Mixer Melts with Essential Oils for Wax Warmer - Pack of 4, 6 Bars per Melt Multi Purpose Key Chain

Title: Pineapple Crush
Sale price$14.99 USD


Tyler Mixer Melts for gifts truly are the ultimate any-occasion thoughtful and desirable present. Alongside our home decor scented candles, Tyler Candle Mixer Melts is the ideal method to keep the scent going strong. Simply melt the candle wax melt in a candle holder or wax warmer by heating it for 30 to 60 minutes, then enjoy! The combination of our wax burner, pleasantly scented soy candle wax, and candle fragrance oil makes the Tyler candle aesthetic enchanting. Create your ultimate surroundings of peace and serenity with our candle scents. Tyler's soy candles pineapple crush wax melts for yourself or a loved one are perfect for travel or adding fragrance to your powder room, bedroom, office, living room, kitchen, or any room of your choice! The Tyler Candle Company soy scented candle wax melts are created in celebration of everyone, everywhere. Superior candles for women require superior maintenance. Tyler Candle Company hopes you will enjoy the Tyler candles as much as we enjoyed the candle making. All Tyler products including Tyler Candle Company wax melts are American Made.

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